Worker Info

By volunteering to work, you get to shop FIRST!  That’s even before we open our doors to the consignors! That means you get first shot at all the great bargains!
****We are offering special incentives to our workers this year. We will hold a drawing at the beginning of the workers sale for a $15.00 off of your purchase. Also the $7.00 consignor fee will be waived.

8-Hour Shift workers will shop Tuesday, August 1st starting at 4:30

This sale is only for those volunteers working a total of 8 hours.

6-hour Shift workers will shop Tuesday, August 1st starting at 5:30

This sale is for  volunteers working a total of 6 hours

The “A” Team

We are trying something new this sale to see how it goes. This is for workers who can work extra hours on our sorting days. You only have to sign up for one of the days.  This is in addition to the 8 hours you are already working. If you are available to work either of the sorting days please sign up on the worker registration when you sign up for your shifts. The extra incentive for signing up for the “A” Team is another drawing to be entered into. The drawing will consist of $25.00 off your purchase.

Sorting days:

Saturday, August 5th 2:00-6:00 or Sunday, August 6th 9:00-1:00

There is no way that we could host this sale without our wonderful volunteers. In fairness to all our workers a $25 fee will be deducted from the consignor check of any worker that fails to show up for his/her shift. If you are a winner of one of the drawings and receive money off your purchases and fail to show up at your shift this will also be deducted from your check.
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Call or text: Crystal 931-625-2745 —