Tagging Info

All items must be properly tagged and include a barcode. Please complete ONLINE REGISTRATION to receive a contributor ID#.


Note: ALL tags must include a bar code.
After you have completed ONLINE REGISTRATION you will need to ORDER BARCODES online.
 Pricing: Minimum price for any item is $2.00. Prices must be in $1.00 increments. Please price your items to sell. A good rule of thumb is 1/3 to 1/4 of the original purchase price. Additionally, adjust for wear/condition.
Here is an easy way to help figure out how to price your items.


Clothes: Please place clothing on WIRE hangers with the hanger hook facing left. Safety pin (no straight pins) the tag to the right shoulder of the item. Safety pin pants/skirts at top of waistband to top bar of hanger. For 2-piece outfits place shirt on hanger, then safety-pin pants/skirt to back of hanger. Use only one hanger for sets, and do not hang pants under tops.
Shoes: Shoes must be in excellent condition. Shoes MUST be secured together (pinned, tied, or in an enclosed ziplock). Mark the bottom of each shoe with your ID# (no price) incase they become separated. Other Items: Use clear packing tape or safety pins to attach the tag. Use zip lock bags for small pieces. Do not put more than one tag with a price on an item.
Tags: Please use an entire 3X5 index card to tag your items. Tag should look as example seen at above. In the upper left-hand corner write your initials and your contributor ID# (EX: CDP-100). Write the size in the upper right-hand corner as a number, not as S, M, L, XL. Use a M-# for maternity sizes. Include a description of the item. Place the price in the lower right-hand corner.
Important Note: If you do not wish to sell your item at 1/2 price on 1/2 price day, put ND (no discount) next to the price as seen in the tag example.
Final Preparation: Prior to drop off please group items according to sex and size  For example, bundle all your size 4T boy clothes together.   Have an approximate count of how many items you are consigning. If your items are not sorted according to size prior to drop-off, you will be asked to sort them before leaving.  Please group similar non-clothing items together (plastic bags are good for this).  Please do not bring items in containers that must be emptied and returned to you.

Items Accepted

-Gently worn, current style, infant, children and maternity in season items.
-Dance/sports (MUST be CLEAN).
CLEAN Indoor/Outdoor toys, games, videos, children’s books.
-Clean furniture, bedding, nursery items.
-Clean strollers, high chairs, car seats, etc. (car seats that are more than 4 years old will NOT be accepted)
-Juniors clothing (i.e. sizes 1,3,5,7,etc.)
-Teenage Boys/Young Men’s

Items Not Accepted:

-Infant cribs with drop down sides
-Dirty, stained, torn or broken items
-Car seats more than 4 years old
-Items missing parts or batteries
-Misses or Men’s clothing
-Open pacifiers or nipples
-Items with altered tags
-Stuffed Animals of any kind


(These items will NOT be placed on sales floor and will be DISPOSED of.)
Please remember that we will continue to strive to be known as the BEST children’s consignment sale in Lincoln County.  This means we want our customers to find the best selection of high quality children’s items at the best prices.  That it why we reserve the right to refuse any items that aren’t in excellent condition. If your clothes are stained or have rips please keep them at home.

***Just remember to ask yourself,

“Would I buy this in it’s current condition?”***